Nine Master’s Students Gain Research Experience at MIT Labs (Super User) | Sun Sep 10, 2017

UAE Consulate in Boston Hosts Visiting Students and Faculty during Two-Week Internship Program at MIT

Nine Master’s students from the Khalifa University of Science and Technology had gained insights into their areas of research interest at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during the 2017 MIT Summer Visitors Program organized under the MIT-Masdar Institute Cooperative Program.

MSc in Mechanical Engineering student Manar Saeed Almazrouei, MSc in Chemical Engineering students Saeed Almenhali, Mona Bahman, Fatima Jamal Nasir Mubarak Bahamaish, and Arwa Alshareif, MSc in Sustainable Critical Infrastructure student Ameera Al Khlaifi, MSc in Electrical Power Engineering student Shaikha Al Yahyaee, MSc in Engineering Systems and Management student Zainab Aldhanhani, MSc in Computing and Information Sciences student Mona Zain Al Zubaidi were in Boston from 6-18 August for the internship.

During the internship, His Excellency Salem Alshamsi, Consul-General of the United Arab Emirates in Boston​, hosted a lunch in honor of the visiting faculty and students from Khalifa University of Science and Technology’s Masdar City campus. His Excellency Alshamsi also briefed the students about the education sector in Boston and the status of Emirati students in the city.

The event was also attended by Dr. Irfan Saadat, Professor, Microsystems Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering , Dr. Ayesha Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Faisal Almarzouqi, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Dr. Saadat said: “The students were enthusiastic and remained committed to their laboratory work and site visits throughout the program at MIT. The lab experience enriched their experience academically and we hope they will apply what they learnt at MIT in their research work back on campus. We are grateful to MIT for the program that continues to help our students enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.”

Student participant Manar Saeed Almazrouei said: “This internship helped shape our character, enhance our knowledge and inspired our creativity. Entering MIT labs and working with diverse students further encouraged us, knowing their contributions to the latest research would surely improve our academic work.”

She added: “The ‘Rapid Prototyping Technology’ course I took at MIT was related to my research and covered areas including ways to rapidly fabricate prototypes, principles that govern the technologies, design for manufacturing, and best practices. The course combined theory and practical applications of the knowledge in the mechanical labs at MIT. Our laboratory time included observation of fabrication by MIT staff, as well as assembly, and inspection of the resulting parts.”

She expressed gratitude for being able to closely interact with MIT faculty and exchange views on their latest research. She also appreciated the visits to startup companies, which she said provided the students with insight into converting their own research into commercial ventures.

Clarence Michael
News Writer
11 September 2017